Web Design

Effective Website Design Tips Backed by Research

  • Use real people in pictures.

Stock photos may do the work at some point, though it is always better to invest in high-quality photography services. Trust me, it’s good investment. It will help you connect with your audience in a personal manner.

  • Leverage the fold.

Do you think there is such thing as a fold? Well, that is, until now, part of various debates. What is clear is that people spend more of their time above the fold.

  • Make website speed a top priority.

Website speed is important. There is no doubt about that. Who loves browsing slow-loading web pages? Try to optimize your web design so your website speed is not  If your website is slow, your visitors would not stick around.

  • Keep everything simple.

When it comes to website creation, simplicity is the way to go. Designs which are too complex can distract people from seeing your substantial content.

  • Avoid sliders, carousels, and accordions.

Website owners love including carousels, but unfortunately, they are useless. Accordions and tabs also have the same issues–they are often ignored by website visitors. If you want your readers to stay longer on your website, remove all of the unnecessary elements. As much as possible, stick to a minimalist design.