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Exciting Web Design Trends That You Should Look For

10 Amazing Website Design Trends This 2019


  1. Reimagined Header Areas

The hero areas, or above the fold part, features a big image with some copies. This year, we will see more experimentation on this specific part.


  1. Huge, Experimental Navigations

 Website Navigation

The navigation part is one of the most difficult elements to design. You need to keep it functional, and visually pleasing. 2019 will open new doors for unconventional designs.


  1. White Space

White space provides a breathing room for websites. Adding white space makes the most important parts of your pages more noticeable. If you want to highlight specific content, you should explore more of this crucial feature if you want to establish a web design malaysia company.


  1. Typography


As coding becomes even more sophisticated, exploration and experimentation with typography will become a lot easier over time.


  1. Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grids

There is beauty and functionality even with the most unconventional designs. With a broken grid, the elements are all pushed away from the frames. Everything appears broken and rigid. This is style is often explored by adventurous designers.


  1. Organic/Fluid Elements and Designs

Design Elements

More and more people are rapidly moving away from the straight lines. In order to be unique, many web designers are now hearing towards fluid lines and shapes.


  1. Absence of color

Colorful layouts are cool and captivating. But, what if you choose to limit your website design to just a single color, or no color at all? By using black and white schemes, or one-color designs, you can solidify your branding.